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HKS Super Mega Flow Intake System

HKS Super Mega Flow Intake System
(Turbo 2wd/4wd)(100mm inlet)(200mm filter element)

-1995-1998 Eagle Talon (TSI AWD, TSI, ESI)
-1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse (GSX, RS, Spyder Turbo, ES, GS, GST)

Part Number: 1504-SM007A

MSRP: $200.00
Your Price: $181.97

HKS Super Mega Flow air intake systems have been engineered to dramatically reduce the restriction caused by sealed factory air boxes in both turbo and naturally aspirated applications. All Super Mega Flow intake filters utilize HKS' patented Super-Funnel design that induces a Venturi-Effect. The Venturi-Effect states that in a converging funnel the entering gas velocity increases as it passes through a reduction in the funnels throat diameter. This increased velocity reduces air turbulence and provides improved engine response, horsepower and torque. Super Mega Flow kits are available in vehicle specific applications that include all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware for a complete installation. Universal Super Mega Flow assemblies are also available in either 150mm or 200mm filter diameter, and have inlets that range from 60mm to 100mm in diameter. Vehicle specific Super Mega Flow kits are CARB exempt per CARB Executive Order # D-186-19, or pending CARB exemption.

The Super Mega Flow system uses a honeycomb frame to distribute stress evenly and prevent the Filter Element from compressing which would reduce engine performance.

The HKS Super Mega Flow element is available in a 2-layer, dual density, wet-type polyurethane filter or in the all-new 3-layer, triple density, dry-type polyurethane filter. The former uses a viscous fluid to attract and stop damaging dirt particles from entering your engine. The latter uses three different densities of polyurethane filter bonded together.
Key Features
  • Venturi effect with all HKS Super Mega Flow intake to increase intake velocity for more power!
  • All hardware necessary for installation is included.
  • All Super Mega Flow kits are CARB exempt or pending.


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